Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i have had some sort of stomach bug since friday. i dont even know if thats is what it is. no one else has it. at first i thought it was something i ate. my stomach is crampy and my back is achy. im sure you all want to know this.

i'll move on to other stuff--
i found maxwell's school supply list online so i think i'll tackle that today along with a trip to BJ's. i finished my mystery knitting gift and i'll start my 8th teddy bear today during karate. we are also cramming for the library book contest. its over on saturday. the kids get 1 book dollar for every 3 picture books read to them. then they get to use their dollars in the library store which has prizes that were donated by the community. when they saw their friend got a gumball machine that max & audrey going, now i'm being bombarded with books! :)