Tuesday, July 25, 2006

we left thursday for my brother's wedding. we came back monday around 3. ive done an amazing 5 loads of laundry 3 of which were all shawn's since this trip forced him to unpack his usual suitcase. one load was the kids sneakers.
the wedding was- well ane veent to rememeber and unforunatly i forgot to pack my camera. we also spent our days visiting with family, walking around portsmouth nh, and cavorting in the hotel pool.
now that we are back home we've found out the power has been out at least 3 times, once for over 12 hours. so im not even going to investigate the milk i left and im just going to the store. our guinea pigs survived thanks to the persitant care of my neighbor who had no idea how to open the cage and feed them with a spoon one day!
i did pick up something at the reception hall- ill try to post a photo later- like i said i didnt have my camera then and its early now :)