Sunday, July 30, 2006

look at all these photos of grown ups!
i had so much fun with kerry, hali, roz & donna on saturday! we tackled yarn shops, ice creams, antiques, candies, pizza, and knitting! i even completed two hats and a set of teddy bear limbs!
(left to right- donna, me, hali, kerry- guest photographer roz)
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me & donna! we always have cameras but no pictures of us despite of all pictures of our kids playing together!
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this is completely unrelated but they said on the news we are under an excessive heat warning until THURSDAY :P thursday :P thursday :P what am i supposed to until then?
oh i guess all those dishes shawn didnt do while i was gone! well he did do the two major chores i asked, level the washer, and i never posted about the storage cabinet full of hardware that fell down on top of me friday- well he picked up the mess but managed to re-clutter the laundry room so i guess i have more work to do. ill also start prep to paint the 1st floor hall- things like spakle & sand and hopefully paint in the next 2-3 weeks.